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NSF-Census Research Network (NCRN)

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The NSF–Census Research Network provides support for a set of research nodes, each of which is staffed by a team of scientists conducting interdisciplinary research and educational activities on methodological questions of interest and significance to the broader research community and to the Federal Statistical System, particularly the U.S. Census Bureau.  The activities will advance both fundamental and applied knowledge as well as further the training of current and future generations of researchers in research skills of relevance to the measurement of economic units, households, and persons.

The FY 2010–11 competition for National Science Foundation-Census Bureau Research Network grants is complete. The eight winners are described below.


Medium Nodes

1. Carnegie–Mellon University. "Data Integration, Online Data Collection, and Privacy Protection for Census 2020". Principal Investigator: Stephen E. Fienberg (Professor of Statistics and Social Science); Senior Personnel: Alessandro Acquisti (Associate Professor of Information Technology and Public Policy), Margo Anderson (Professor of History and Urban Studies, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee), William F. Eddy (Professor of Statistics), Joseph B. Kadane (Professor of Statistics and Social Sciences), Rebecca Nugent (Assistant Teaching Professor of Statistics).

2. Cornell University. "Integrated Research Support, Training and Data Documentation". Principal Investigator: John Abowd (Professor of Industrial and Labor Relations and Professor of Information Science); Senior Personnel: William C. Block (Director, Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research), Warren Brown (Research Faculty, CISER), Stefan Kramer (Research Data Management Librarian, CISER), Ping Li (Assistant Professor of Statistical Science), Lars Vilhuber (Senior Research Associate at the ILR School).

3. Duke University. "Enhancing Federal Agencies' Data Dissemination Capabilities". Principal Investigator: Jerome P. Reiter (Associate Professor of Statistical Science); Senior Personnel: Lawrence H. Cox (Assistant Director of Official Statistics, National Institute of Statistical Sciences), David Dunson (Professor of Statistical Science), D. Sunshine Hillygus (Associate Professor of Political Science), V. Joseph Hotz (Professor of Economics), Alan F Karr (Director, National Institute of Statistical Sciences), Fan Li (Assistant Professor of Statistical Science), Seth Sanders (Director, Duke Population Research Institute; Professor of Economics and Public Policy).

4. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. "Linking Surveys to the World – Administrative Data, the Web, and Beyond". Principal Investigator: Matthew D. Shapiro (Professor of Economics and Research Professor, Survey Research Center); Senior Personnel:Eytan Adar (Assistant Professor of Information and Assistant Professor of Electric Engineering and Computer Science), John Bound (Professor of Economics), Charles Brown (Professor of Economics and Research Professor, Survey Research Center), Daniel G. Brown (Professor, School of Natural Resources and Environment), Michael J. Cafarella (Assistant Professor of Computer Science), Sheldon H. Danziger (Professor of Public Policy), Vicki A. Freedman (Research Professor, Survey Research Center), Pamela Giustinelli (Faculty Research Fellow, Survey Research Center), James Lepkowski (Research Professor, Professor of Biostatistics), Margaret Levenstein (Research Scientist, Survey Research Center), Qiaozhu Mei (Assistant Professor of Computer Science), Lisa J. Neidert (Senior Research Associate), Lauren Hersch Nicholas (Faculty Research Fellow), H. Luke Shaefer (Assistant Professor of Social Work), Melvin Stephens Jr. (Associate Professor of Economics), Kenneth M. Sylvester (Research Associate Professor).

5. University of Missouri at Columbia. "Improving the Interpretability and Usability of the American Community Survey through Hierarchical Multiscale Spatio–Temporal Statistical Models". Principal Investigator: Scott H. Holan (Associate Professor of Statistics); Senior Personnel: Noel A. Cressie (Distinguished Professor, University of Wollongong, Australia and Adjunct Professor, University of Missouri), Christopher K. Wikle (Professor of Statistics).

6. University of Nebraska at Lincoln. "Reducing Error in Computerized Survey Data Collection". Principal Investigator: Allan L. McCutcheon (Professor of Survey Research and Methodology; Senior Scientist, The Gallup Organization); Senior Personnel:Robert F. Belli (Professor of Psychology), Don A. Dillman (Professor of Sociology and of Community and Rural Sociology, Washington State University), Kristen M. Olson (Assistant Professor of Survey Research and Methodology and of Sociology), Jolene D. Smyth (Assistant Professor of Survey Research and Methodology and of Sociology), Leen–Kiat Soh (Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering).

Small Nodes

7. Northwestern University. "Census Bureau Data Programs as Statistical Decision Problems". Principal Investigator: Bruce D. Spencer (Professor of Statistics); Senior Personnel: Charles F. Manski (Professor of Economics).

8. University of Colorado at Boulder. "Improving the Connection between the Spatial and the Survey Sciences". Principal Investigator: Seth E. Spielman (Assistant Professor of Geography); Senior Personnel: Nicholas N. Nagle (Assistant Professor of Geography, University of Tennessee–Knoxville).

Abstracts of All Grants 

Future Competitions

NSF is not accepting proposals for the NCRN solicitation and there are no plans at this time for a future competition. Any changes in status will be reflected on the NSF NCRN web site.

NCRN Newsletters

The NSF has selected a grantee to coordinate the activities of the NCRN. Their newsletters are listed below.


Nancy Bates
US Census Bureau

Cheryl L. Eavey, Ph.D.
National Science Foundation

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