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Census Bureau Advisory Committee Management

The Census Bureau Advisory Committee Management Branch is located in the Office of Program Performance and Stakeholder Integration within the Office of the Deputy Director of the Census Bureau.

The role of the Advisory Committee Management Branch is to manage the Census Bureau advisory committees according to provisions in the Federal Advisory Committee Act and Census Bureau procedures.  The primary objective of the advisory committees is to advise the Director of the Census Bureau. By charter, the advisory committees evaluate and provide recommendations on policies, research and methodology, tests, communications and best practices to improve censuses, surveys, operations, programs and cost efficiencies.  Also, the advisory committees provide formal review and feedback on working papers, reports, and other documents related to the design and implementation of census programs and surveys. 

Census Bureau advisory committees were established by the authority of the Secretary of Commerce and function solely as advisory bodies to the Director of the Census Bureau.

The two Census Advisory Committees are the National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic and Other Populations (NAC) and the Census Scientific Advisory Committee (CSAC). For more than 50 years, Census Advisory Committees have been an active and effective resource for the Census Bureau.

Census Advisory Committee Contacts

For more information, please contact:

National Advisory Committee at:

Census Scientific Advisory Committee at:

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