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Evolving to Meet 21st Century Data Needs

At the Census Bureau, trail-blazing is part of our DNA. We strive to innovate and advance the science behind the nation’s statistical infrastructure.

Today, the nation demands data about our people, places and economy that is more timely, accurate, and granular than ever before. New technology and data science make that possible in ways barely conceivable just a generation ago.

Big Data. Limitless cloud storage. Artificial intelligence. Faster processing. Growing broadband access. We are working to safely and securely leverage these and other modern-day tools to produce the data the nation needs.

But along with these advances come new threats, both to the security of our data and to the identity of our respondents. The Census Bureau has a legal and moral commitment to protect the data we collect and publish. We are trail-blazing in these areas, too.

Throughout, we are guided by evidence on what works and what changes are needed. This allows us to operate more efficiently, respect our respondents, and to prepare our work force for future opportunities and challenges.

Here are a few of the innovations that are transforming the Census Bureau: 








“As we advance into the 21st Century, we are experiencing increased demand for our data, struggling with challenges to traditional data collection methods, and exploring rich new data sources and tools that can revolutionize what we do and how we do it. Our success critically depends on our ability to seize the opportunities in front of us to deliver statistical products that address the increasingly complex and diverse needs of our users.”

— Ron Jarmin, Deputy Director of the U.S. Census Bureau



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