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Under Secretary for Economic Affairs

Dr. Mark E. Doms was sworn in as the 11th Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs on January 3, 2013.

Doms succeeds Dr. Rebecca M. Blank who served as the Acting Secretary of Commerce before assuming the position of Chancellor at the University of Wisconsin.

Under Secretary Mark Doms serves as a top economic advisor to the United States Department of Commerce (DOC) and the Obama Administration.  In this capacity, he contributes to policies and discussions on a wide range of issues including data, trade, manufacturing, taxation, innovation, competiveness, retirement security, immigration, and education.  Dr. Doms also leads the Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA), which includes two of our nation’s preeminent information agencies: the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).  These agencies collect and produce information on the United States’ dynamic population and economy, providing vital data to our nation’s citizens, businesses, and leaders.  The Census Bureau and BEA have a combined staff of over 10,000 and a budget exceeding $1 billion. 

Dr. Doms leads the Commerce Department’s Strategic Plan for data transformation; he is committed to ensuring federal data are optimized to benefit American businesses, policymakers and the public. Dr. Doms also serves as the Secretary’s appointed Board Representative to the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation.

Prior to becoming Under Secretary, Dr. Doms served as the Chief Economist at the DOC from 2009.  As Chief Economist, Dr. Doms frequently met with business leaders from across the country, listening to their concerns and insights and providing overviews of the U.S. economy.  Dr. Doms and his staff produced reports on the middle class, intellectual property, broadband adoption, STEM education, and U.S. competitiveness, among other subjects.  Prior to joining DOC, Dr. Doms spent most of his career in the Federal Reserve system, helping guide monetary policy.  He is a leading researcher and expert in the areas of innovation, productivity, wages, manufacturing, and price measurement. 

Dr. Doms received a B.A. in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


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