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Household Pulse Survey Data Tables

The new experimental Household Pulse Survey is designed to quickly and efficiently deploy data collected on how people’s lives have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Data collection for Phase 1 of the Household Pulse Survey began on April 23, 2020, ended on July 21, 2020, and included 12 weekly table releases.

Phase 2 of the survey begins on August 19, 2020, and the Census Bureau expects to collect data through October, 2020, releasing data every two weeks. The links below will take you to the downloadable tables in XLS for each period of release.

Note: Phase 1 of the Household Pulse Survey was collected and disseminated on a weekly basis. Phase 2 has a two-week collection and dissemination period. Despite going to a two-week collection period, the Household Pulse Survey continues to call these collection periods "weeks" for continuity with Phase 1.

Phase 2 Household Pulse Survey Data Tables

Phase 1 Household Pulse Survey Data Tables

Erratum Note:

JUNE 17 — The data tables for Recent Food Insufficiency (Tables 4 and 5 in the Food Sufficiency and Food Security Section) for week 1 through week 5 (April 23-June 2) were removed and replaced on June 17 as a result of a data processing error for one of the variables. The tables for all weeks have been updated. Please disregard any previous versions.

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