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Perceptions of a Place: Los Angeles, California

Activity Description

Map of Los Angeles

This activity will help students understand that people’s perceptions of the world—places, regions, and environments—are constantly changing with new experiences and information. Students will examine Census Bureau data about Los Angeles, and about the rest of California and the United States, to challenge or confirm these perceptions.

Suggested Grade Level


Approximate Time Required

60 minutes

Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to write about their perceptions of Los Angeles, California.
  • Students will be able to write about how perceptions of a place may be different from the reality of that place.
  • Students will be able to read, understand, and analyze U.S. Census Bureau data.


The student version of this activity, 7 pages

  • A teacher computer with Internet access and a projector is optional.

Activity Items

The following item is part of this activity. The item and its sources appear at the end of this teacher version.

  • Item 1: L.A., California, and U.S. Data, 2017

For more information to help you introduce your students to the Census Bureau, read “Census Bureau 101 for Students.” This information sheet can be printed and passed out to your students as well.

Teacher Notes

Blooms Taxonomy

Blooms Taxonomy

Students will understand how people’s perceptions of the world (places, regions, and environments) change with new experiences and information.


Elementary School


  • Quickwrites
  • Perceptions

Skills Taught

  • Analyzing data
  • Drawing conclusions


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