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Frequency Distributions - Hispanic or Latino Population Percentages in 50 States and the District of Columbia

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Activity Description

Students will compare and contrast the frequencies of Hispanic or Latino population percentages for 50 states and the District of Columbia by completing frequency tables and creating histograms that summarize and display the data.

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Suggested Grade Level


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Approximate Time Required

45-60 minutes

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Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to complete frequency tables.
  • Students will be able to create and interpret histograms.

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Materials Required

  • The student version of this activity, 14 pages
  • Teacher computer with Internet access and a projector to display web sites

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Activity Items

The following item is part of this activity. The item, its data source, and instructions for viewing the source data online appear at the end of this teacher version.

  • Hispanic or Latino Percentage of the Population in 50 States and District of Columbia: 2014

Teacher Notes

Blooms Taxonomy

Blooms Taxonomy

Students will apply their mathematics skills to create frequency tables and histograms from census data and
then analyze those data.


Middle School Math


  • Frequency distributions
  • Frequency tables
  • Histograms

Skills Taught

  • Creating a frequency table
  • Creating a histogram
  • Interpreting a histogram
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