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Immigration Nation

Activity Description


Students will examine data on the number of immigrants in the United States, to create bar
graphs and line graphs with appropriate scales. Students will then compare and analyze their
graphs to draw conclusions about the data.

Suggested Grade Level


Approximate Time Required

45 minutes

Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to create a bar graph that represents four different data sets and to develop its scale.
  • Students will be able to create and plot data on a line graph and to develop its scale.
  • Students will be able to analyze data presented in bar and line graphs.

Materials Required

  • The student version of this activity, 9 pages
  • Crayons or colored pencils

Activity Items

The following item is part of this activity. The item, its data source, and instructions for viewing the source data online appear at the end of this teacher version.

  • Recent U.S. Immigrants From Four World Regions, 2000–2010

Teacher Notes

Blooms Taxonomy

Blooms Taxonomy

Students will use census data to create bar and line graphs and their scales and will analyze these graphs to
draw conclusions about data trends.


Elementary School Math


  • Bar graphs
  • Line graphs
  • Immigration

Skills Taught

  • Analyzing data
  • Creating a bar graph
  • Creating a line graph
  • Interpreting graphs in context


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