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Secure Research Environment

Component ID: #ti1017677119

Federal Statistical Research Data Centers (RDCs) are Census Bureau facilities, housed in partner institutions, that meet all physical and information security requirements for access to restricted–use micro data of the agencies whose data are accessed there. 

RDC researchers have access to computing capacity to handle large datasets and complex calculations.  Standard statistical, econometric, and programming software, including Stata, SAS®, MATLAB and Gauss are available in a Linux environment. 1Additional software has been purchased to help meet special researcher needs.  RDC researchers can collaborate with other RDC researchers across the U.S. through the secure RDC computing environment.

All RDC researchers must obtain Census Bureau Special Sworn Status – passing a moderate risk background check and swearing to protect respondent confidentiality for life, facing significant financial and legal penalties under Title 13 and Title 26 for failure to do so.

1The full list of available software includes: Anaconda, Intel Composer, Gauss, Linux Operating System, Mathematica, MatLab, NoMachine Terminal Server & NoMachine Enterprise Client, PBS Pro, SAS®, Stat/Transfer, Stata, Stata-MP, SUDAAN, Tomlab, Knittro, MADD.


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