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The Texas Research Data Center has a specialized mission; we host a secure computing lab where qualified researchers with approved projects can perform statistical analyses using restricted access data sets hosted on the national RDC network maintained by the U. S. Census Bureau’s Center for Economic Studies.

Executive Director

Mary Campbell

Mary Campbell, Ph.D.

Mary Campbell is a Professor of Sociology at Texas A&M University. Her teaching and research interests include the survey measurement of racial and ethnic categories, and racial and ethnic inequality within and between groups.

Contact Information

Johnson, Karin

Karin Johnson, Ph.D., Administrator

Texas Research Data Center
200 Discovery Drive, Suite 101
College Station, TX 77843-2406


Email: Karin Johnson

Partner Institutions

The operation of each Federal Statistical Research Data Center (RDC) is supported by both the Census Bureau and RDC partner institutions. Some RDC partner institutions form consortiums to share the operational costs of the RDC and may waive user fees for their affiliates. Several RDCs have built branch locations to reduce the cost of researchers commuting to the core location while still maintaining the identical stringent information technology and physical security requirements.


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