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Data Linkage Infrastructure Working Papers

Census Bureau data linkage activities support research and development to improve measures of the U.S. population and economy.  Data linkages allow us to use external data to lower costs, increase efficiency, reduce respondent burden and improve data quality.  Findings are released through reports and working papers.

Center for Administrative Records Research and Applications Working Papers
Reports on topics in demography, economics, statistics, and data linkage.

Center for Economic Studies Working Paper Series
This series features research in economics and other social sciences, by Census Bureau and FSRDC researchers, using restricted-use Census Bureau microdata.

 Associate Director for Economic Programs (ADEP) Working Paper Series
This working paper series showcases research papers written by Economic Directorate employees and Collaborators and vary by subject.

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Working Paper
Digitizing Hand-Written Data with Automated Methods: A Pilot Project Using the 1990 U.S. Census
In this paper, we document the 1990 Census Name Recovery Pilot (NRP) project, which was used to identify the most accurate and cost-effective means to recover respondent names, focusing on the example of the 1990 census.

Working Paper
The Summary Earnings Record and Detailed Earnings Record Extracts
This paper describes the history and contents of the restricted-use Summary Earnings Record (SER) data and the Detailed Earnings Records (DER) data extracts that can be linked to the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) and the Current Population Survey (CPS) Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC).

Working Paper
Justice-involved Individuals in the Labor Market since the Great Recession
This paper examines how individuals convicted of a felony or released from prison have fared in the labor market since the Great Recession.

Working Paper
Evaluating Administrative Records as a Potential Sample Frame for the National Survey of College Graduates
This paper uses an extract of administrative records from the National Student Clearinghouse to examine the coverage of the NSCG sampling frame.

Working Paper
Evaluating Administrative Records to Inform Measurement Error Properties of National Survey of College Graduates Estimates: An Analysis of the NSCG-LEHD Earnings Ratio
This paper compares earnings responses on the NSCG to administrative earnings data from the LEHD.

Working Paper
Evaluating the Master Address File—Auxiliary Reference file (MAF-ARF) as a Potential Respondent Retention Source
This paper uses administrative records on residential histories to follow survey respondents to the NSCG over time.

Working Paper
Evaluating Administrative Records to Inform Measurement Error Properties of National Survey of College Graduates Estimates: Employment History and Firm Characteristics
This paper compares survey responses on employment and employer characteristics to administrative records from the LEHD.

Working Paper
Measuring All-Cause Mortality with the Census Numident File
This paper describes and assesses the quality of the population-level US mortality data in the Census Numident.

Working Paper
Measuring U.S. Fertility using Administrative Data
Census Bureau makes restricted-use administrative birth data available through the Census Numident for nearly all U.S. births for more than the last century.


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