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Age Search Service

Users requesting their own census records or those of other family members should contact the Census Bureau's Age Search Service.

The only information relating to an individual that the Census Bureau might maintain would be in the records of the censuses of population taken every 10 years.  Many people who do not have birth certificates do request copies of their information collected in the censuses; these copies can be used as proof of birth in the absence of a birth certificate. These records are not covered by the FOIA, but the census law authorizes the release of census information under very specific conditions. Thus, an individual may obtain or authorize release of his or her own census information. The law directs us to collect a fee to cover the cost of providing this information and, unlike the FOIA, does not authorize us to waive payment.

For more information on obtaining Birth Records or the Age Search Service, please consult the Census Bureau Publication Age Search Information (POL/00-ASI, July 2000).

Page Last Revised - October 8, 2021
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