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Local Update of Census Addresses Program (LUCA)

The Local Update of Census Addresses Program (LUCA) is a partnership program established by Congress through the enactment of Public Law 103-430 (The Census Address List Improvement Act of 1994). This Act amends Title 13, United States Code, to improve the accuracy of census address lists, by adding Section 16 to Chapter 1.

Section 16 directs the Secretary of Commerce to assist efforts to ensure the accuracy of censuses and surveys by publishing standards defining the content and structure of address information which local units of general purpose government may submit to be used in developing a national address list; to develop and publish a timetable for the Census Bureau to receive, review, and respond to submissions of information before the decennial census date; to provide for Census Bureau responses back to local units of general purpose government with respect to their submissions in which the Census Bureau specifies its determinations regarding such information and the reasons for such determinations; and to provide officials who are designated as LUCA liaisons by a local unit of general purpose government with access to census address information for the purpose of verifying the accuracy of the address information and with an explanation of duties and obligations concerning confidentiality as defined under Section 9 of Title 13.

In addition, the Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs of OMB, acting through the Chief Statistician and in consultation with the Census Bureau, developed a LUCA appeals process for those local units of general purpose government which desired appeal determinations of the Census Bureau. The LUCA program began in January 2007 when the Census Bureau mailed pre-invitation letters and LUCA information booklets to Tribal, State, and local governments and terminated on March 31, 2010 when the 2010 Decennial Census LUCA Appeals Staff, a temporary Federal entity set up by the OMB to administer the appeals process, concluded its review of appeal submissions.

Page Last Revised - May 27, 2022
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