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School District Estimates for 2004

The files below contain estimates of population and poverty. The school districts for which we have estimates were identified in the 2005 school district mapping project, which asked about all school districts as of January 1, 2006. The 2004 estimates reflect poverty in 2004 of the population in 2005 for school district boundaries in the 2005-2006 school year. There is one file for each of the states, the District of Columbia, and the entire United States. Each file contains the FIPS state code, Department of Education Common Core of Data (CCD) ID numbers, District names, the total population, population of school-age children, and estimated number of school-age children in poverty related to the head of the household.

The text files contain only data - no labels, no table headers, no titles. A description of the contents of the files can be found in the File Layouts section below.

Estimates for Every School District in the Nation

txt TXT [1.7 MB]
xls XLS [1.9 MB]

Estimates by State

txt Alabama [<1.0 MB]
txt Alaska [<1.0 MB]
txt Arizona [<1.0 MB]
txt Arkansas [<1.0 MB]
txt California [<1.0 MB]
txt Colorado [<1.0 MB]
txt Connecticut [<1.0 MB]
txt Delaware [<1.0 MB]
txt Florida [<1.0 MB]
txt Georgia [<1.0 MB]
txt Hawaii [<1.0 MB]
txt Idaho [<1.0 MB]
txt Illinois [<1.0 MB]
txt Indiana [<1.0 MB]
txt Iowa [<1.0 MB]
txt Kansas [<1.0 MB]
txt Kentucky [<1.0 MB]
txt Louisiana [<1.0 MB]
txt Maine [<1.0 MB]
txt Maryland [<1.0 MB]
txt Massachusetts [<1.0 MB]
txt Michigan [<1.0 MB]
txt Minnesota [<1.0 MB]
txt Mississippi [<1.0 MB]
txt Missouri [<1.0 MB]
txt Montana [<1.0 MB]
txt Nebraska [<1.0 MB]
txt Nevada [<1.0 MB]
txt New Hampshire [<1.0 MB]
txt New Jersey [<1.0 MB]
txt New Mexico [<1.0 MB]
txt New York [<1.0 MB]
txt North Dakota [<1.0 MB]
txt Ohio [<1.0 MB]
txt Oklahoma [<1.0 MB]
txt Oregon [<1.0 MB]
txt Pennsylvania [<1.0 MB]
txt Rhode Island [<1.0 MB]
txt South Dakota [<1.0 MB]
txt Tennessee [<1.0 MB]
txt Texas [<1.0 MB]
txt Utah [<1.0 MB]
txt Vermont [<1.0 MB]
txt Virginia [<1.0 MB]
txt Washington [<1.0 MB]
txt West Virginia [<1.0 MB]
txt Wisconsin [<1.0 MB]
txt Wyoming [<1.0 MB]

File Layouts


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