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Report Number CQC-12
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Place of Birth

In question 8 on the 1990 census forms, we asked people to write in the State, U.S. commonwealth or territory, or foreign country where they were born. Information from this question was used to classify the population into two major groups: native and foreign born.


In question 9 on the 1990 census forms, we asked people to mark whether they were citizens or noncitizens of the United States.

Four categories of U.S. citizenship were listed. Three categories were for persons who were citizens at birth: those born in the United States; those born in a U.S. commonwealth or territory such as Puerto Rico or Guam; and those born abroad of American parents. The fourth category was for naturalized citizens—persons who obtained U.S. citizenship through the judicial system.

Year of Entry

In question 10 on the 1990 census forms, we asked people born outside this country to mark the time interval in which they came to the United States to stay.

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