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The Census Bureau Library is a research library that has the unique role of collecting, preserving, and providing access to information resources produced by the Census Bureau to Census Bureau employees, government agencies, and the public. The core subjects of the Census Bureau Library are: Statistics, Survey Methodology and Sampling, Population Studies, Demography, Geography, Computer Technology, Census Histories, and International Census Data. The Library collects more selectively in a variety of other fields, including Sociology (General), Public Health, Economics, History, Urban Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Management, particularly as they intersect with the U.S. Census. Additionally, the Library collects works that make extensive or innovative use of census-produced data.

Though the Library's online catalog is not available on the Internet, our holdings are included in OCLC's WorldCat.

Census Employees Only

Census employees can access the Library Journal Databases internally at the Census Library intranet site located under Around the Bureau.

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