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America Counts: Stories Behind the Numbers

We feature stories on various topics such as families, housing, employment, business, education, the economy, emergency management, and population.


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Continued Decrease in Mortality Brings Natural Increase Closer to Pre-Pandemic Levels
New population estimates show that 19 states had more deaths than births in 2023, down from 25 in 2022.
COVID-19 Impacts on Mortality by Race/Ethnicity and Sex
Males and the Hispanic, and American Indian and Alaska Native population groups experienced disproportionately large Increases in deaths during the pandemic.
Desafíos y oportunidades pospandemia para estimaciones de población
Nuevas estimaciones de población incluyen mejoras en los métodos para estimar la población de los EE. UU.
Impacto del COVID-19 en la mortalidad por raza/origen étnico y sexo
Los hombres y las poblaciones hispana e indígena de las Américas y nativa de Alaska estuvieron entre los grupos que experimentaron grandes aumentos en muertes.
Post-Pandemic Challenges and Opportunities for Population Estimates
New population estimates capture improvements in the methods of estimating the U.S. population.
Large Cities No Longer the Biggest Population Losers
Large U.S. cities and towns show signs of a population rebound after experiencing big losses the first full year of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Texas Population Passes the 30-Million Mark in 2022
Texas is now one of only two states with a population of 30 million or more. Its population reached 30,029,572 in 2022, behind only California (39,029,342).
Two Years Into Pandemic, Domestic Migration Trends Shifted
Domestic migration rebounded in some of the nation’s most populous counties that saw steep outmigration earlier in pandemic.
Super Bowl LVII: Fun Facts About Players and Places
Two-time Super Bowl champ Kansas City Chiefs (2020, 1970) face one-time champ Philadelphia Eagles (2018). This is the fourth Super Bowl in Arizona.
Florida Fastest-Growing State for First Time Since 1957
For the third most-populous state to also be the fastest growing is historic because it requires significant population gains.
Florida: estado con más rápido crecimiento por primera vez desde 1957
El hecho de que el tercer estado más poblado sea también el de más rápido crecimiento es histórico porque requiere un aumento significativo de su población.
Net International Migration Returns to Pre-COVID-19 Levels
New 2022 population estimates show the largest single-year increase in net migration between the United States and abroad since 2010.
Fewer Younger Adults Drives Population Loss in Some U.S. Cities
Why did some cities lose population in 2021? Population estimates by characteristics released today provide some answers.
Big Population Shifts in Cities and Towns One Year Into Pandemic
City and town population estimates for July 1, 2021, show consistent regional trends but smaller gains and larger declines for top cities and towns.
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