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ACE AESDirect Walkthrough Videos Available in English and Spanish

Tue Oct 15 2019
Written by: Eric Gauthier, Data Collection Branch
Component ID: #ti1013896072

The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) AESDirect contains a trove of resources for both beginner and advanced users. Need help navigating it? Check out our new set of Spanish- and English-language videos designed to walk you through different parts of the export reporting process in AESDirect.  

The videos are easy to follow. They’re divided into nine chapters that explain each section of the Electronic Export Information (EEI), from start to finish. Viewers can easily access and reference information based on their needs.

Following are topics covered in each chapter of the video series:

  • Chapter 1 details procedures for logging into the ACE webpage and accessing the AESDirect application.
  • Chapter 2 shows users how to create a new EEI and complete the first section, titled Shipment. Filers are required to provide information like the Departure, Date, Mode of Transportation and Port of Export.
  • Chapter 3 shows where filers provide contact information and addresses for all parties involved in this export transaction: United States Principal Party in Interest, Ultimate Consignee, Intermediate Consignee and Freight Forwarder (as applicable).
  • Chapter 4 tells users how to complete the Commodities section, where information is reported on products being exported. Among other things, it explains how to select the commodity classification code, the proper quantity and unit of measure, and other data elements needed.
  • Chapter 5 walks users through the Transportation section and carrier information required. Users will also see how to submit the EEI and how to identify the Internal Transaction Number once the data is accepted by the AES.
  • Chapter 6 answers questions like: Did your EEI contain incorrect information – or do you need to cancel your EEI? It also tells you how to amend an accepted EEI.  
  • Chapter 7 offers helpful hints on using the Shipment Manager and Filter Criteria and displays the Shipment Manager screen, home page of AESDirect and the many features available to manage recently submitted export information. It also shows the available filter criteria to identify shipments that comply with specific information provided.
  • Chapter 8 explains how to create and manage templates and profiles to avoid entering the same information repeatedly for frequent shipments, In addition, AESDirect offers template and profile features. They provides details on creating, loading, updating and deleting shipment templates and party profiles.
  • Chapter 9 lists additional reference material available, including the ACE AESDirect User Guide, sample shipment walkthrough and contact information for the International Trade Call Center.

Component ID: #ti450737836

These videos are excellent tools for individual user and companies, especially those with new personnel using ACE AESDirect.

Use the links below to access the playlist with all of the videos.


You can easily access the English videos here


Pueden accesar los videos en Español aquí


For questions about the videos or filing export information through ACE AESDirect, contact the Data Collection Branch at 800-549-0595 (use option 1) or <>.

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