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Find information about places by entering place names and keywords, such as population, income, or poverty.
1. For example, search "Maine population," "income Houston" or "Washington poverty."
2. To see a list of more places with the same name click on "We found more geographies"
3. Once you find the place you want, an "info panel" on the right provides additional statistics.
2012 NAICS

Search results

Deborah Stein [< 1.0 MB] Public Comment: Elaine Tso, Esq. [< 1.0 MB] Public Comment:...

Patterns [PDF - <1.0 MB] Many industries are geographically concentrated. Many mechanisms...manufacturing industries. Industry attributes are used to construct measures of the relevance...

CHRISTINE EIBNER, ALICE ZAWACKI AND ELAINE ZIMMERMAN Working Paper Number CES-07-12...Resident Perceptions of Crime: How Similar are They to Official Crime Rates? March...

Resident Perceptions of Crime: How Similar are They to Official Crime Rates? March...CHRISTINE EIBNER, ALICE ZAWACKI AND ELAINE ZIMMERMAN Working Paper Number CES-07-12...

...exporters suggests self-selection: exporters are more productive, not as a result of...because only the most productive firms are able to overcome the costs of entering...

Participation January 1996 Written by: Elaine C. Hock Working Paper Number SIPP-WP-226...

Participation June 1996 Written by: Elaine C. Hock and Franklin Winters Working...Census Bureau staff. The view expressed are attributable to the authors and do not...

...for care and on the provision of care are reproduced in appendix E. This report...measures that have been used extensively are the Activity of Daily Living (AOL) scale...

...to 1990, some general regional trends are identified. Given the number of exceptions...expectancy changes for individual states are also described in the results section...

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