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The Census Information Center (CIC) Steering Committee exists to promote and enhance the goals and the mission of the CIC program. The Committee assists the Customer Liaison and Marketing Services Office (CLMSO) with CIC program efforts, provides continuity, guidance, and a commitment to meeting CIC program goals. The Steering Committee actively seeks to facilitate communication between the entire CIC program membership and the CLMSO.

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Community Service Council of Greater Tulsa
-- Mrs. Melanie Poulter - Chair

Chinese American Voters Education Committee
-- Mr. David Lee - Vice Chair


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Julian Samora Research Institute-Michigan State University, Inter-University Program for Latino Research (IUPLR)
-- Mr. Jean Kayitsinga

Louisiana State University in Shreveport, Center for Business and Economic Research
--Mr. Doug White

National Congress of American Indians
-- Gwynne Evans-Lomayesva

The Navajo Nation
-- Mr. Nobert Nez

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
-- Mr. Sai Mullapudi






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The CIC Steering Committee holds their bi-monthly conference call on the third Tuesday of the month. If there is a particular issue or question you have that you would like for the committee to discuss, please send your comment to the CIC program listserv:

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