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Advisors, Centers and Research Programs

The Census Bureau is a principal statistical agency and a leader in survey methodology. Our partnerships and research programs help us to stay current with the latest scientific advances in methodology.

Census Advisory Committees (CAC)
The mission of the Census Advisory Committee (CAC) Office is to manage, administer, and direct the activities of the Census Bureau’s advisory committee program.

Census Depository Library (CDL) Program
The Census Depository Libraries receive Census Bureau publications, CD-ROMs, and information and provide access, and assistance in using the information.

Census Information Centers (CIC)
The CIC Program provides local access, education and technical assistance on census data for planning and decision-making to underserved communities.

Center for Economic Studies (CES)
CES partners with stakeholders to improve measures of the economy and people of the United States through research and development of innovative data products.

Federal Economic Statistics Advisory Committee (FESAC)
FESAC advises the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics on statistical methodology and other technical matters.

Federal Statistical Research Data Centers
The Federal Statistical System Research Data Centers are partnerships between federal statistical agencies and leading research institutions.

Governors' Liaisons Network
The Governors' Liaisons Program is a U.S. Census Bureau partnership with the Governor of each state and the District of Columbia.

NSF-Census Research Network (NCRN)
NCRN brings together the National Science Foundation, the Census Bureau, and research nodes at eight universities in the U.S.

State Data Center (SDC) Program
The State Data Center (SDC) Program was created to make data available locally to the public.

Page Last Revised - September 23, 2022
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