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Metro Area Density Moving Outward From City Hall

July 3, 2013
Metro Area: -----
Pop. Density: -----

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This graphic compares metro area population densities as measured in 1-mile distance bands radiating out from city hall (a proxy for the downtown or central business district). Various population distribution patterns are visible, including lightly-populated downtowns, continuously built-up areas, and exurban developments.

SOURCE: 2010 Census and Census 2000

NOTE: Population-weighted density is an average weighted density of all census tracts in each metro area. Population density is expressed as the average number of people per square mile of land area. Distances are measured from the city hall or similar municipal building of the metro area's first-named principal city. Metropolitan statistical areas are defined by the Office of Management and Budget as of December 2009. For more information see www.census.gov/population/metro/data/c2010sr-01patterns.html.

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