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Distribution of Hispanic or Latino Population by Specific Origin: 2010

September 30, 2013

Within the larger category of Hispanic or Latino Origin, people responding to the Census questionnaire reported many different specific origins. The clustering and dispersion of people in those categories can be explored in this interactive graphic. The area of each circle shown reflects the proportion of the group that lives in a given county. Click on one of the 22 groups listed above to see its national distribution.

SOURCE: Powered by the Census API, Census 2010 SF1 table PCT11

NOTE: Data are for counties. Data are not shown for counties with fewer than 1,000 people in a given group. Data for Puerto Rico are not included. For more information on accessing data through Census APIs, see www.census.gov/developers/. For more information on Hispanic or Latino Origin, see www.census.gov/topics/population/hispanic-origin.html.

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