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Report Number P20-49
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Of the persons 1 year old and over in continental United States in April 1953, 122 million, or 79 percent, lived in the same house as year earlier; 31 million, 20 percent, lived in a different house in the United States; and 740,000 or 1 percent, had moved into the United States from abroad, according to the results of a sample survey announced today by Robert W. Burgess, Director, Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce. Of the 31 million mobile persons, that is, persons who had changed their residence within the United States, 21 million, or 2 out of 3, were living in the same county as a year ago and 10 million were migrants, that is, they were living in a different county. The proportion of migrants in the population was relatively low for the year 1949-50 (a period of slight economic recession), rose again in 1950-51 (when the Korea conflict began), and has since leveled off. The proportion of short distance (intracounty) movers, however, has remained fairly constant at about 13 percent during the postwar period.

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