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Report Number P20-485
Kristin A. Hansen
Component ID: #ti2016521691


This report provides detailed statistics on the geographical mobility of Americans based on data collected in the March 1994 Current Population Survey (CPS). Mobility status was determined by asking respondents whether or not they lived in the same house or apartment 1 year earlier. Those that did not (movers) were asked the name of the State, county, and place (city or town) where they lived in March of 1993. The answers were then compared to the respondent's current location. Residential changes are first categorized as moved within the same State, and between State; movers from abroad are tallied seperately. Alternatively, movers may be classified by the metropolitan status of both locations. Categories include whether the move was within or between metropolitan areas; within or between cntral cities or the remeainder of a metropolitan area (commomnly called the suburbs); or from a metropolitan area to a nonmetropolitan area part of the country.

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