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Mobility of the Population of the U.S.: March 1965 to March 1966


Of the 190.2 million persons 1 year old and over living in the United States in March 1966, 36.7 million, or 19.3 percent, had been living at a different address in March 1965, according to estimates from the Current Population Survey conducted by the Bureau of the Census. Of the 36.7 million person who had moved between March 1965 and March 1966, 24.2 million had moved within counties, 12.5 million had moved between counties, and 6.3 million had moved between states. An additional 0.9 million had been living abroad in March 1965. The annual variation in the percentage of movers has been small. In the 19 annual surveys conducted since 1948, the proportion of movers has ranged from 18.6 to 21.0 percent.



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