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Report Number Volume 31, No. 6
Component ID: #ti1140690780

Monthly News From the U.S. Bureau of the Census

Inside this issue:

  • More “Empty Nests”: Projections of families and households to 2010
  • State Lotteries Gave $15 Billion in Prize Money in 1994
  • Legal Eagles – And Other Services
  • Elderly Population to Double in Eight States by 2020
  • Gains in Educational Attainment Continue for Blacks
  • Which Questions Will Work Best?
  • A Million or More: Counties with a million or more people: July 1, 1995
  • Over 300 Million Births to Adolescents Expected in Developing Countries Over Next 25 Years
  • Detailed ’90 Census Data for All Areas – Via the Web
  • Cynthia Clark Appointed Associate Director for Statistical Design, Methodology, and Standards
  • David Findley Receives Shiskin Award
  • U.S. Statistics At A Glance
  • Your Own Personal Trade Report!

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