2020 Census Redistricting Data Now Available on data.census.gov

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2020 Census Results

On August 12, we released the redistricting data to the states and the public. States may use these data in redrawing congressional, legislative, and local district boundaries. The Census Bureau will also deliver the final redistricting data toolkit to all states and the public on September 16. COVID-19-related delays and prioritizing the delivery of these apportionment results delayed our original plan.

More 2020 Census population results will be available later including statistics on age, sex, race and ethnicity, and details about the center of population. The results for the U.S. Island Areas will also be provided in a separate release at a later date.

About the Data Quality

The 2020 Census has numerous quality checks built into data collection and data processing. After the data are released, we continue to do an even deeper dive to evaluate the quality of the census in two major ways:

  • Looking at how well we conducted the census.
  • Comparing the census results to other ways of measuring the population, such as Demographic Analysis and Post-Enumeration Surveys.

Supporting Products

These products are the geographic framework that supports the official P.L. 94-171 Redistricting Data. These products include maps, geographic information system files (shapefiles), and tabular data.

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