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America Counts: Stories about Employment

America Counts Story
Bridge Collapse Could Affect Over a Million People in Baltimore Area
The Community Resilience Estimates show that 21.7% of residents in the combined areas of Baltimore city and County are considered socially vulnerable.
America Counts Story
How Many U.S. Businesses Offer Health Insurance to Employees?
Private-sector companies in seven states and District of Columbia offer health insurance to employees at a rate significantly above the national average.
America Counts Story
Nearly 327,000 in U.S. Lived in Emergency and Transitional Shelters
The American Community Survey 5-year estimates provides a demographic profile of the population experiencing homelessness who lived in shelters.
America Counts Story
Rising Cost of Child Care Services a Challenge for Working Parents
Census Bureau data show that estimated revenue for Child Day Care Services increased all but one year from 2014 to 2021.
America Counts Story
Economic Backbone of Holiday Shopping Season: Retail Workers
The number of retail workers remained over 9 million but their share of the total workforce declined from 2010 to 2022.
America Counts Story
Education Does Not Resolve Gender Wage Gap
A new Census Bureau table package on men’s and women’s median annual earnings by detailed field of degree shows the gender pay gap in all fields of study.
America Counts Story
Most Parents Don’t Have Any Formal Child Care Arrangements
The Household Pulse Survey shows that 1 in 5 parents relied on a relative for child care.
America Counts Story
Powering the Economy One Chip at a Time
The CHIPS Act was passed to provide funding for manufacturing, research and development, but industry faces an aging workforce and labor shortages.
America Counts Story
Health Insurance Coverage of U.S. Workers Increased in 2022
Health insurance coverage for working-age adults ages 19 to 64 improved in 2022 across race groups and Hispanic origin and in most regions.
America Counts Story
Pandemic’s Impact on Commuting and How It Changed U.S. Cities
As more people worked from home in 2021, some U.S. counties experienced large drops in commuter-adjusted population.
America Counts Story
Sharp Drop in On-Site/In-Person Work Since 2019
New Census Bureau data show detailed trends in home-based work, including the rise in mixed or hybrid work.
America Counts Story
Women Made Up Majority of Home-Based Workers During Pandemic
The spike in home-based workers during the pandemic slightly increased the share of women working from home.
America Counts Story
More People in All Race/Ethnic Groups Worked From Home 2019-2021
The number of White, Black, Asian and Hispanic home-based workers more than doubled.
America Counts Story
Women and Men Both Experienced Changes in Occupations During COVID-19
Women’s job losses were concentrated in service occupations 2019-2021. Job gains were mostly in management, business, science and arts occupations.
America Counts Story
Remote Work During the Pandemic Shifted Daytime Population of Cities
U.S. Census Bureau tools show how the daytime population of urban job centers declined during the pandemic as more employees worked from home.
America Counts Story
Where in the United States Are the High-Tech Jobs?
Census Bureau’s new Business Dynamics Statistics of U.S. High Tech Industries shows where high-tech jobs are and where new high-tech companies are locating.
America Counts Story
In Time for the Grammy Awards, Statistics on the Recording Industry
Showcasing the 65th annual Grammy Awards on February 5 through Census Bureau data on the recording industry.
America Counts Story
The Stories U.S. Census Bureau Data Told in 2022
A look at some of the America Counts stories that revealed shifts in our population, from growing diversity and declining poverty to where and how we live.
America Counts Story
What Languages Do We Speak in the United States?
The number of people who spoke a language other than English at home nearly tripled from 1980 to 2019, but the number who spoke only English also increased.
America Counts Story
¿Qué idiomas hablamos en los Estados Unidos?
La población que hablaba en el hogar un idioma que no era inglés casi se triplicó de 1980 a 2019, pero también había más personas que solo hablaban inglés.
America Counts Story
Who Are the STEM Workers Under Age 25?
Employment in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) occupations is projected to grow at twice the rate of total employment through 2031.
America Counts Story
How Resilient Are Communities Along the U.S.-Mexico Border?
The Community Resilience Estimates show that more people living in the 44 counties along the U.S.-Mexico border are less resilient than the nation as a whole.
America Counts Story
More Women in Manufacturing Jobs in Every Age Group
In the runup to Manufacturing Day on Oct. 7, we look at the growing role of women in manufacturing.
America Counts Story
Trabajadores jóvenes y mayores impulsaron empleos después de María
Primeros Indicadores trimestrales de la fuerza laboral de Puerto Rico publicados hoy proporcionan un perfil demográfico del empleo después del huracán María.
America Counts Story
Youngest and Oldest Workers Drove Job Recovery After Hurricane Maria
The first Quarterly Workforce Indicators for Puerto Rico released today provide a demographic profile of employment after Hurricane Maria.
America Counts Story
Did COVID-19 Change Retirement Timing?
Despite major disruptions in the labor market, the pandemic had a modest impact on peoples’ retirement timing.
America Counts Story
Uninsured Rate Declined in 28 States 2019-2021
Today’s release of the 2021 American Community Survey 1-year estimates shows increase in public health coverage in 36 states.
America Counts Story
Full-Time, Year-Round Workers More Likely to be Uninsured in 2021
The uninsured rate of those who worked less than full time, year-round dropped 1.2 percentage points from 2020 to 2021 as public coverage increased.
America Counts Story
Who Has Retirement Accounts?
The Survey of Income and Program Participation shows how many people are saving for retirement.
America Counts Story
Manufacturing Pay, Job Prospects Increase With Industry "Credential"
Workers credentialed through industry-supported training and assessment programs earned more than peers, even without a college degree.
America Counts Story
Wealth Inequality in the U.S. by Household Type
Census data show persistent inequalities in household wealth in 2019: 38.7% of households did not own a home, and 41.2% did not have a retirement account.
America Counts Story
How Food Service, Transportation Workers Fared Before Pandemic
A new U.S. Census Bureau report shows that people in some occupations hard hit during the pandemic had low earnings and benefits even before COVID-19.
America Counts Story
There’s No Place Like (Close to) Home
New research shows where people move as young adults. Eight in 10 live within 100 miles of where they grew up.
America Counts Story
Teachers Are Among Most Educated, Yet Their Pay Lags
New U.S. Census Bureau data visualization shows median earnings for elementary, middle school and high school teachers by educational attainment, sex and age.
America Counts Story
More Than One Million Americans Report Ukrainian Ancestry
Census Bureau data provide a demographic and socioeconomic portrait of people born in Ukraine and those who report Ukrainian ancestry.
America Counts Story
Do Young Workers Still Have Summer Jobs?
As the school year ends, the prospect of summer jobs for youths rises but there’s been a declining overall trend in young people working during summer months.
Page Last Revised - November 20, 2021
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