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American Community Survey

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Sample Size and Data Quality

1. How large was the sample used to produce the ACS estimates?

Sample Size:      

Sample Size Definitions

2. How well does the ACS cover the population?

Coverage Rates:      

Coverage Rates Definitions

3. What was the response to the survey?

Response Rates:      

Response Rates Definitions

4. How complete were the data used to produce a specific estimate?

Item Allocation Rates:   

Item Allocation Rates Definitions

You may also access these measures in for the ACS 1-year and 5-year estimates. Some measures are available for counties and places as noted below.

Measures and Table IDs:

  • Sample Size: B98001 (counties for 1-year and 5-year; places for 5-year), B98002
  • Coverage Rate: B98011, B98012, B98013, B98014
  • Response Rate: B98021 (counties for 1-year and 5-year), B98022
  • Item Allocation Rates:

    • B98031 (counties for 5-year), B98032 (counties for 5-year)
    • Some detailed item allocation rates can be calculated using allocation estimates in the B99* series of tables. These tables are available for most published summary levels, for 1-year and 5-year.

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