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America Counts: Stories Behind the Numbers

We feature stories on various topics such as families, housing, employment, business, education, the economy, emergency management, and population.


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Business and Economy
Census Count of U.S. Businesses: Why Responses Matter
The Economic Census, taken every five years, is the most comprehensive survey of businesses in 19 economic sectors and at the national, state and local levels.
Business and Economy
Small Business Week 2022: How Small Businesses Impact Our Economy
The 59th Annual Small Business Week theme is “Building a Better America Through Entrepreneurship.”
Business and Economy
Mom and Pop Businesses: Key Contributors to U.S. Economy
The 83rd annual Mom and Pop Business Owners Day is an opportunity to highlight their impact and Census Bureau tools and resources available for small business.
Business and Economy
Census Bureau Survey Now Measures COVID Impact on Workforce, Supplies
Phase 8 of the SBPS is designed to deepen our understanding of how the pandemic continues to affect U.S. small business operations.
U.S. Startups Create Jobs at Higher Rates, Older Large Firms Employ Most Workers
The U.S. Census Bureau’s Business Dynamics Statistics show how the age and size of firms contributed to job creation and employment shares from 1976 to 2019.
Business and Economy
Don’t Turn the Page on Bookstores
The nation’s 6,045 bookstores are still thriving, serving the needs of students and holiday shoppers looking for that perfect gift.
Business and Economy
Franchising is More than Just Fast Food
The 2017 Economic Census Franchise Statistics Report shows there were 498,234 franchise establishments with 9.6 million workers and $1.7 trillion in sales.
America Counts Story
Small Business Pulse Survey Reveals Price Increases by Sector
Phase 6 wrapped up October 17 and Phase 7 went into the field November 15. Will Phase 7 show that these economic trends are continuing?
Business and Economy
Who Are the Owners of Exporting Firms?
This Census Bureau product matches export transactions to business profiles in the Annual Business Survey.
Business and Economy
Number of Businesses Grow in Metros, Shrink in Micros
There were 637,997 employer businesses in Micropolitan Statistical Areas in 2019, a 0.3% drop since 2017.
Zillow and Census Bureau Data Show Pandemic’s Impact on Housing Market
The housing market stalled in spring 2020 but rebounded by summer.
Business and Economy
Nonemployer Asian U.S. Business Owners Predominantly Foreign-Born
Most nonemployer business owners were U.S.-born but foreign-born Hispanic and Asian business owners had a large presence in some sectors.
Business and Economy
Business Growth in Desert Southwest More than Twice National Average
More than 287,000 employer businesses called these counties home in 2019, up 8.5% Since 2015.
Business and Economy
U.S. Small Businesses Suffer Supply Chain Disruptions
Over 60% of manufacturers responding to the Small Business Pulse Survey saw disruptions in domestic supplies and 39% need to identify new supply options.
Business and Economy
America’s Love Affair With (Clean) Cars
Car washes help vehicle owners keep what’s likely to be the second-largest investment they will ever make looking good.
Business and Economy
Women Business Ownership in America On the Rise
The nation’s 1,141,410 women-owned employer firms employed 10.1 million workers and generated nearly $1.8 trillion in revenue in 2018.
Business and Economy
Many Small Businesses Not Requiring Workers To Get Tested, Vaccinated
First results from Phase 4 of the Census Bureau’s Small Business Pulse Survey show the majority of respondents do not require workers get tested or vaccinated.
Business and Economy
User Feedback Helps Census Bureau Develop Data Tools
The Census Bureau produces billions of estimates and a key part of its mission is to develop tools that allow all types of users to easily access the data.
Business and Economy
Census Survey Shows Shift in Expectations from Spring to Winter
The Small Business Pulse Survey shows a majority of businesses face long-term challenges while others experienced little or no effect from the pandemic.
Business and Economy
What is a Small Business?
Newly released “Establishment and Firm Size” data from the 2017 Economic Census show how important small businesses are to the U.S. economy.
Business and Economy
2017 Economic Census Data Breaks Out Industry Growth, Changes By State
State and local data from the Census Bureau’s 2017 Economic Census provide insight into the businesses that are vital to our economy.
Business and Economy
Self-Employed Hit Harder by Pandemic Business Dip in Hard-Hit States
Combining the experimental Household and Small Business Pulse surveys reveals demographic differences in the impact of pandemic on self-employed workers.
Business and Economy
New Small Business Pulse Survey Shows COVID-19 Impact on Businesses
The U.S. Census Bureau’s Small Business Pulse Survey yields near real-time economic data on businesses...
Business and Economy
Can Census Bureau Data Drive Business Growth and Job Creation?
Knowing who your customers and competitors are can make or break a business. Census Bureau data can help.
Business and Economy
Where Do New Businesses Emerge?
Today, the U.S. Census Bureau debuted Business Formation Statistics, which provides timely local data to explore new business ventures.
America Keeps on Truckin’
More than 3.5 million people are truck drivers, an all-time high. Driving trucks is one of the largest occupations in the nation.
Business and Economy
Who Would Buy Your Products Overseas?
The Census Bureau’s Global Market Finder interactive tool quickly tells you the biggest export markets by product and destination.
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