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Karen E. King, Alfredo Navarro
Component ID: #ti77230885

In 2010, the ACS released all 5-year estimates for census tracts, census block groups, and small governmental units without any data quality filtering. However, concerns were raised about the reliability of many of the estimates likely to be included in the data products in 2008. Based on a request by Director Steve H. Murdock in the Fall of 2008, a series of assessments were proposed to look at the quality or reliability of ACS 5-year data. The only 5-year ACS estimates available at the time were from the Multiyear Estimate Study conducted in 2006, which included data for 34 of the ACS test counties and covered the period from 1999 through 2005. The assumption was that the patterns of quality seen in these data would be consistent with the quality of the first 5-year estimates released in 2010. A report titled "€œQuality Rating Classification of 5-year ACS MYES Estimates by Population Size Groupings and in Comparison with Census 2000 Long Form Estimates" summarizing results of two of the assessments undertaken that were presented to the director on November 20, 2008. This report gives some results of the third and final assessment. This assessment focused on what would happen if standard ACS filtering rules were applied to the 5-year MYES data and a second set of estimates generated using adjusted 2005-2007 3-year weighted data to simulate the 5-year data.

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