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2016 Combined Statistical Area Totals ( CSV | PDF )

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Sound Bites

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Maricopa County Leads Numeric Population Growth For Counties

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"So this year, so between 2015 and 2016, Maricopa County was the fastest growing county in the nation by numeric change. They beat out Harris County which had been the fastest growing county by numeric change for several years. Maricopa County is growing primarily from domestic migration or people moving to and from other parts of the United States. Over the last year, they added about 81,000 people. That works out to a net of about 222 people per day."

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Harris County, Texas Sees Drastic Changes in Numeric Population Growth

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"Harris County has been the fastest growing county in terms of numeric change for the last 8 years. This year though they were unseated by Maricopa County in Arizona. This is primarily because Harris County which had been gaining steadily for many years is now losing people to other parts of the country. So last year, they gained about 17,000. This year, they lost about 16,000. Harris County is still growing fairly rapidly though due to births and international migration."

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Utah Metro Area Seeing Record Population Growth by Percentage

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"When we look at the top 20 fastest growing metro areas in the country we find that 3 of them are in Utah. Provo-Orem and Logan both grew primarily from natural increase or the difference between births and deaths. St. George grew primarily from domestic migration. That's people moving to and from other parts of the country."

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Cook County, Illinois, Wayne County, Michigan and Baltimore City, Maryland Experience Notable Population Loss

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"So when you look at the metro areas around the country, you still see some counties that are experiencing population loss. So for example, Cook County in Chicago lost about 21,000 people last year. Now, you see a similar pattern in places like Wayne County in Michigan or Baltimore City in Maryland but their respective metro areas, Detroit and Baltimore, continue to grow."

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Puerto Rico Population Continues to Decline

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"So Puerto Rico has been losing population for a number of years. Since 2010, they've lost about 314,000 people. That makes up about 8.4 percent of the population. San Juan municipio lost the most among all the municipios. They lost about 8500 people in the last year alone"

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