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Documentation for the 2017-2021 American Community Survey 5-year estimates is now available. Data will be released on December 8.

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We ask questions about a person's difficulty with specific daily tasks to create statistics about disability.

Local, state, tribal, and federal agencies use disability data to plan and fund programs for people with disabilities. Disability data are also used to evaluate other government programs and policies to ensure that they fairly and equitably serve the needs of all groups, as well as enforce laws, regulations, and policies against discrimination.

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Questions as they appear on the form

We ask three questions about disability to identify limitations in basic areas of functioning and independent living.

Results from these questions

We compile the results from these questions to provide communities with important statistics to help in their disability services planning. You can see some of these published statistics here for the nation, states, and your community.

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Disability data help communities:

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