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The Annual Integrated Economic Survey (AIES) Combines Collection of Key Economic Measures Beginning This Month

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This month, the U.S. Census Bureau launches a new economic survey that will consolidate seven annual programs into one.

The Annual Integrated Economic Survey (AIES) will provide comprehensive national and subnational economy-wide data from seven surveys that up to now were conducted at different times each year. 

The goal is two-fold: make the surveys easier for businesses to complete, which will result in improved quality and timelier data; and allow the Census Bureau to operate more efficiently to reduce costs.

What Current Surveys Will AIES Replace?

The following surveys are being integrated into the AIES:

On March 15, the Census Bureau will mail out the AIES survey to approximately 370,000 domestic, private sector, nonfarm employer businesses in the United States (50 states and the District of Columbia). The survey will be sent to a sample of small, medium and large businesses across most economic industries throughout the nation.

Why Integrate Seven Surveys into One?

Transitioning seven surveys into one provides businesses the opportunity to report all their company’s data at once. Prior to this transition, a company may have received more than one annual survey to complete.

This holistic approach to data collection will not only centralize the process but will likely reduce the burden on companies to respond.

What is Included in the AIES?

The new combined survey will collect data on:

  • Business characteristics
  • Business classification
  • Revenue
  • Operating expenses
  • Assets
  • Robotic equipment
  • Various trade or industry-specific content

A complete list is available on AIES Content.

Why are These Data Important and When Will it be Released?

Congress, federal agencies, and state and local governments use these data to make informed policy decisions. Trade associations, industry leaders, economic and social analysts, researchers, academia and even individual businesses can use the data to analyze market share, develop business plans or make decisions on investment, expansion and product development.

AIES data will be released beginning in the summer of 2025.


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Page Last Revised - March 6, 2024
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