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Stats for Stories

Profile America's Stats for Stories provides links to timely story ideas highlighting the Census Bureau's newsworthy statistics that relate to current events, observances, holidays, and anniversaries. The story ideas are intended to assist the media in story mining and producing content for their respective audiences. Dates with Presidential Proclamations are marked with (P).

Profile America's Facts for Features similarly provides statistics related to observances and holidays not covered by Stats for Stories. For observances not listed below, please see Facts for Features in the Newsroom.

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Stats for Stories
96th Oscars/Academy Awards: March 10, 2024
The 2021 Annual Business Survey reported 25,755 employer firms in motion picture and sound recording industries, 229,763 employees, and a $19.1B annual payroll.

Stats for Stories
Sunshine Week & Freedom of Information Day: March 10-16 & 16, 2024
President Johnson signed into law the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act on July 4, 1966. The American Society of News Editors launched Sunshine Week in 2005.

Stats for Stories
Employee Appreciation Day: March 1, 2024
The American Community Survey estimates that in 2022 there were about 117.0M full-time, year-round civilian workers ages 16 and over in the U.S. and median earn

Stats for Stories
Frozen Food Month: March 2024
The Annual Survey of Manufacturers reported the U.S. frozen food manufacturing industry had 82,991 employees with $4.3B in annual payroll in 2021.

Stats for Stories
Red Cross Month: March 2024
The U.S. Census Bureau produces timely local data critical to Emergency Management about mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery efforts.

Stats for Stories
Presidents’ Day: February 19, 2024
Observed the third Monday of February, the day honors all former U.S. presidents. President Washington was born Feb. 22, 1732. Lincoln was born Feb. 12, 1809.

Stats for Stories
Singles Awareness Day: February 15, 2024
The 2022 Annual Social and Economic Supplement estimated there were 132.3M unmarried (never married, divorced and widowed) people in the U.S. ages 15 and older.

Stats for Stories
Oregon 165th Anniversary of Statehood (1859): February 14, 2024
Oregon became a state on Feb. 14, 1859 (33rd). Nickname: The Beaver State. Motto: Alis volat propriis (She flies with her own wings).

Stats for Stories
Valentine’s Day: February 14, 2024
According to the 2022 American Community Survey, 49.8% of men and 46.3% of women 15 years and over are now married. Never married are 37.2% men and 31.6% women.

Stats for Stories
Mardi Gras: February 13, 2024
From Census Day (April 1) 2020 to July 1, 2022, the population of New Orleans (369,749) was down 3.7%. Louisiana was down 1.5% and the U.S. was up 0.5%.

Stats for Stories
National Inventors’ Day: February 11, 2024
U.S. Census Bureau innovations led to the IBM Corporation, statistical sampling, the first commercial electronic computer, and geographic information systems.

Stats for Stories
Super Bowl LVIII: February 11, 2024
The big game involves two top-50 U.S. metro areas by estimated population: #13 San Francisco (4,579,599) vs. #31 Kansas City (2,209,494), playing in Las Vegas.

Stats for Stories
Lunar New Year: February 10, 2024
With celebrations also known as Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, many people across the world will welcome the Year of the Dragon with reunions and hope.

Stats for Stories
National Weatherperson’s Day: February 5, 2024
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs for atmospheric scientists, including meteorologists, will grow 4% to 10,500 from 2022 to 2032.

Stats for Stories
66th GRAMMY Awards: February 4, 2024
According to the American Community Survey (ACS), there were 25,869 music directors and composers and 44,487 musicians and singers in the U.S. in 2022.

Stats for Stories
Mail Carrier Day: February 4, 2024
The 2022 American Community Survey estimated 724,338 civilian employees in the U.S. Postal Service (416,258 male and 308,080 female), up from 716,936 in 2010.

Stats for Stories
National Women Physician Day: February 3, 2024
According to the 2021 American Community Survey, there were 272,196 women physicians. Full-time earnings were $185,183.

Stats for Stories
Groundhog Day: February 2, 2024
According to NOAA, the 138th Groundhog Day originated from an ancient celebration midway between the winter solstice and spring equinox — the middle of winter.

Stats for Stories
American Heart Month: February 2024
The American Community Survey estimates there were 733,169 physicians, 128,908 physician assistants, 18,299 radiologists and 51,238 surgeons in the U.S in 2022.

Stats for Stories
National Spouses Day: January 26, 2024
According to the Current Population Survey 2023 ASEC Supplement, there are some 133.1M married adults age 15+ in the U.S., not counting 4.6M who are separated.

Stats for Stories
National Popcorn Day: January 19, 2024
According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s USA Trade Online database, the U.S. in 2022 exported popcorn valued at $239.3 million.

Stats for Stories
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and National Day of Service: January 15
In 1983, Congress made the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. a federal holiday. In 1994, Congress added the national day of service. Learn more at MLKDay.gov.

Stats for Stories
National Pharmacist Day: January 12, 2024
According to the 2022 American Community Survey, there were 270,137 pharmacists and 289,611 pharmacy technicians in the United States.

Stats for Stories
National Milk Day: January 11, 2024
According to the Annual Survey of Manufactures, U.S. fluid milk manufacturing shipments were valued at $41.3 billion and involved 55,364 employees in 2021.

Stats for Stories
Alaska 65th Anniversary of Statehood (1959): January 3, 2024
Alaska became a state on Jan. 3, 1959 (49th). Nickname: The Last Frontier. Motto: North to the Future.

Stats for Stories
National Hot Tea Month: January 2024
U.S. tea imports of tea, whether or not flavored, were valued at $508 million in 2022, up almost four times from $131 million 30 years ago.

Stats for Stories
National Poverty in America Awareness Month: January 2024
The Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement reports the official poverty rate in 2022 was 11.5%, not statistically different from 2021.

Stats for Stories
New Year's Day 2024: January 1, 2024
The U.S. Census Bureau projects the U.S. population will be 335,893,238 on Jan. 1 – 1,759,535 or 0.53% more than on New Year’s Day 2023.

Stats for Stories
Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day: December 21, 2023
HUD reports that on a single night in 2023, roughly 653,100 people in the U.S. experienced homelessness, up about 12 percent from 2022.

Stats for Stories
Wright Brothers Day: December 17, 2023
On Dec. 17, 1903, Orville Wright piloted the first flight for 12 seconds and flew 120 feet. On the fourth and final flight, Wilbur flew 59 seconds and 852 feet.

Stats for Stories
*Special Edition: America’s Independence* 250 Years Ago: The Boston Tea Party (1773): December 16, 2023
The Boston Tea Party in 1773 led to the Coercive Acts in 1774, the Revolution War in 1775, and the Declaration of Independence in 1776..

Stats for Stories
Bill of Rights Day (1791): December 15, 2023
The U.S. Constitution’s first 10 amendments focus on individual rights and were ratified on Dec. 15, 1791. Amendment I protects freedom of expression.

Stats for Stories
National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day: December 7, 2023
According to the 2022 American Community Survey, of the 16.2 million veterans in the U.S., 4.3 million were 75 years and older and 131,423 were WWII veterans.

Stats for Stories
National Miners Day: December 6, 2023
Q2 2023 Quarterly Financial Report found mining corporations had unadjusted sales of $104.1, down $43.2B from Q2 2022, and down $8.4B from Q1 sales of $112.5B.

Stats for Stories
Cyber Monday: November 27, 2023
According to USA.Gov, “Cyber Monday is the day with sales and discounts across online retailers.” Check out these shopping stats and other links.

Stats for Stories
Small Business Saturday: November 25, 2023
In 2021, there were an estimated counted 8,148,606 U.S. small businesses. Most (7,037,001) had fewer than 20 employees and averaged about 4.3 each.

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