AHS 2002 Metropolitan Public Use File (PUF)

Microdata are files containing individual responses to survey questions. They are used to create custom tabulations, allowing users to delve further into the rich detail collected in the American Housing Survey. In the AHS microdata, the basic unit is an individual housing unit. Each record shows most of the information associated with a specific housing unit or individual, except for data items that could be used to personally identify that housing unit or individual.

SAS "Flat File"

The flat file is a SAS dataset where the individual Public Use File datasets have been combined into a single SAS dataset, with one record per housing unit.

Table Specifications

This zip archive contains the SAS code files used by the U.S. Census Bureau in producing 2009 AHS National Summary Tables.

Value Labels Package

This package is a set of SAS programs and data which will attach value labels to most character variables in the 2003 American Housing Survey dataset.


The instrument items booklet is a PDF document that lists all the questions and responses in the AHS survey instrument. It was prepared for the Office of Management and Budget as part of the survey clearance process. This is the closest equivalent to a paper version of the AHS questionnaire.

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