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Interactive Maps

Work with interactive mapping tools from across the Census Bureau.

2020 Census Address Count Listing Files Viewer
This application was developed to supplement the Address Count Listing files. The files include housing unit and group quarters counts, by census block.
2020 Census Demographic Data Viewer
This mapping application includes state-, county-, and census tract-level data from the 2020 Census.
2020 Census In-Field Address Canvassing (IFAC) Viewer
This map application shows the percentage of basic collection units and housing units in the Self-Response Type of Enumeration Areas for the 2020 Census.
2020 Census Mail Contact Strategies Viewer
This data tool was developed so communities could plan for the mailings their areas would receive during the self-response phase of the 2020 Census.
2020 Census Quality Metrics Viewer
The 2020 Census Quality Metrics Viewer provides a visual tool for exploring operational quality metrics for counties and census tracts.
2020 Census Type of Enumeration Area (TEA) Viewer
This map application shows how different geographic areas were invited to respond to the 2020 Census.
Census Business Builder
The Census Business Builder (CBB) is a suite of services that provide selected demographic and economic data.
Census Flows Mapper
This interactive map shows U.S. migration patterns by county. Hover over the results on the map for more information.
Centers of Population
This collection of story maps provides information about centers of population of the United States.
Current Census Address Count Listing Files Viewer
This Address Count Listing Files Viewer was developed to supplement the August 2022 (ACS22) Address Count Listing files.
Data Visualization Gallery
A weekly exploration of Census data used to promote visualization and make data accessible to a broader audience.
Digital Equity Act Population Viewer
Interactive collection of maps that highlight various demographics and broadband internet availability and adoption by state.
EDA (Economic Development Administration)-Census Poverty Status Viewer
This interactive tool measures high poverty areas and persistent poverty counties using data from the American Community Survey, SAIPE, and decennial census.
Historical Apportionment Data Map
This interactive tool enables users to view more than 10 decades of apportionment and population data.
Household Pulse Survey Interactive Tool
An interactive application for exploring data from the Household Pulse Survey.
OnTheMap (Employment)
This analysis tool presents LODES data and shows where workers are employed and where they live through an interactive and flexible mapping interface.
OnTheMap for Emergency Management
OnTheMap for Emergency Management combines OnTheMap’s analysis tools with data on emergency events gathered automatically from various federal agencies.
Puerto Rico Predominant Address Type Viewer
The Puerto Rico Predominant Address Type Viewer depicts the predominant address type by census block in Puerto Rico based on housing unit addresses.
Response Outreach Area Mapper (ROAM)
This interactive map was developed by the Geography division to make hard-to-survey areas easier to identify.
Rural America: A Story Map
This story map contains interactive web maps, tables, information, and images to help explain how the Census Bureau defines "rural."
SAHIE Interactive Data Tool (Health Insurance)
The Small Area Health Insurance Estimates (SAHIE) program was created to develop model-based estimates of health insurance coverage for counties and states.
SAIPE Interactive Data Tool (Poverty)
The Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE) map viewer provides the ability to quickly and easily view small-area modeled data in map form.
The TIGERweb viewer visualizes TIGER data, including legal and statistical boundaries and features like transportation and hydrography.
Page Last Revised - December 8, 2022
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