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The collection period for the 2017 Economic Census is now closed.

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The 2017 Economic Census surveys are tailored to a particular industry or group of industries. There are approximately 800 versions of the Economic Census survey. The Portable Document Format (PDF) versions of these surveys can be found on the Surveys & Instructions page where you can search for the survey(s) that match your business. The PDFs are intended to give you an indication of the type of data being requested on the 2017 Economic Census. The PDF versions should not be used to report your data to the U.S. Census Bureau. The U.S. Census Bureau mailed instructions for completing the online Economic Census on May 1, 2018 covering business activity conducted during 2017. The Classification surveys (the Survey Title contains “(Classification)”) were mailed in February 2018.

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Concordance of 2012 Product Codes to 2017 NAPCS-Based Codes

The concordance (mapping) of 2012 Economic Census Product Line Codes to the 2017 NAPCS-Based (North American Product Classification System) Collection Code Structure, which are used in Item 22, Detail of Sales, Shipments, Receipts, or Revenue, can be found here:

Concordance of 2012 Product Codes to 2017 NAPCS-Based Codes

Economic Census Classification Mailing Letters:

pdf   Initial Letter   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   Followup Letter   [<1.0 MB]
pdf   2nd Followup Letter   [<1.0 MB]
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2012 Economic Census Questionnaires & Instructions

There were approximately 500 versions of the basic census form in 2012. PDF versions of these forms can be found on the 2012 Forms and Instructions page.

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