Demographic Analysis 2010: Sensitivity Analysis of the Foreign-Born Migration Component

May 2013
Working Paper Number: POP-WP098
Renuka Bhaskar, Belkinés Arenas-Germosén, and Christopher Dick

The U.S. Census Bureau produced estimates of net international migration for the 2010 Demographic Analysis (DA). This paper focuses on the 2000 to 2010 estimates of net foreign-born migration, which was a large component of the total net international migration estimates. Specifically, it describes how data from the American Community Survey were used along with the residence one year ago and year of entry methods to develop a range of estimates of foreign-born immigration during the decade. It also discusses the residual methodology used to produce estimates of foreign-born emigration. It then describes how these estimates of immigration and emigration were combined to produce four estimates of net foreign-born migration during the decade and presents results. Finally, it discusses alternative estimates of net foreign-born migration developed by calculating the change in stock of the foreign-born population over time and compares these alternative estimates to the estimates of net foreign-born migration included in the DA estimates.

February 2013
April 2013