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December 14, 2018 Meeting


pdf   Meeting Agenda   [<1.0MB]

Reorganizing Economic Statistical Agencies

Nancy Potok, Office of Management and Budget

pdf   Presentation   [<1.0MB]

Charles Bean, London School of Economics and Office for Budget Responsibility

pdf   Presentation   [<1.0MB]

Maurine Haver, Haver Analytics

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Quality-Adjusted Price Indices Powered by ML and AI

Pat Bajari and Victor Chernozhukov, Amazon

pdf   Presentation   [<1.0MB]

How Modern Disclosure Avoidance Methods Could Change the Way Statistical Agencies Operate

John Abowd, Census Bureau

Erica Groshen, Cornell University

pdf   Presentation   [<1.0MB]

Kirk Wolter, NORC and University of Chicago

pdf   Presentation   [<1.0MB]
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