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National Science Foundation and U.S. Census Bureau


There are two types of locations – Research Data Centers (RDCs) and RDC branches.  The document “Guidelines for RDC Development and Operations” describes the process for both types of applications and provides additional details and links to other important documents, such as IRS Publication 1075.

New RDCs are approved by the National Science Foundation (NSF).  RDC Applications are submitted to the NSF through their grant application process. 

Please contact the FSRDC Program Management Office staff ( at the U.S. Census Bureau's Center for Enterprise Dissemination if you are interested in a new RDC location.  If there is sufficient interest on the part of your institution, the Census Bureau's and other FSRDC partner agencies' staff will typically visit to meet with researchers, infrastructure staff and officials of your institution.

New RDC branches go through a different review and approval process.  Branch applications must be submitted by an existing RDC executive director on behalf of the branch institution.  Branch applications are reviewed and approved by the Census Bureau and approval may be contingent upon the outcome of the NSF grant process. 


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