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Search Available Records

Before submitting a FOIA request, you are able to search publicly available information.

Census Bureau Resources

  • Census Bureau FOIA Library – Access FOIA records, including, FOIA and Congressional Correspondence logs, travel card records and other frequently requested topics. 
  • Frequently Requested Records – Access frequently requested records.
  • Data.census.gov – Access Census Bureau data, maps, visualizations, and learn more about the available Census Bureau data products.

Other Government Resources

  • FOIA.gov – The Federal government's comprehensive website about the Freedom of Information Act. 
  • Justice.gov/oip/doj-guide-freedom-information-act-0 – The Department of Justice’s Office of Information Policy regularly develops and issues policy guidance to all agencies on proper implementation of the Freedom of Information Act.
  • OSEC.doc.gov/opog/foia/default.html – The Office of Privacy and Open Government, FOIA Program is responsible for the development and maintenance of Freedom of Information Act policies, procedures, and guidance throughout the Department of Commerce’s FOIA program.
  • Archives.gov/foia – The National Archives and Records Administration processes Freedom of Information Act requests for archival and operational records. 
  • OPM.gov/information-management/freedom-of-information-act – The Office of Personnel Management’s Freedom of Information Act website.  
  • NFC.usda.gov – The shared service provider for financial management services and human resources management services to Federal organizations.
  • Data.gov – The Federal government’s open data website.
  • Federalregister.gov – Each Federal workday, the OFR publishes the Federal Register, which contains current Presidential proclamations and Executive orders, Federal agency regulations having general applicability and legal effect, proposed agency rules, and documents required by statute to be published.
  • SAM.gov – The System for Award Management (SAM) is the Official U.S. Government.
  • USA.gov – The U.S. Government portal. It can help you navigate around the Federal government.
Page Last Revised - March 9, 2022
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