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Submit a FOIA Request

Requestors can submit FOIA requests in various methods.

Requestors can submit FOIA requests through FOIA.gov or FOIAXpress.gov. By utilizing FOIAXpress.gov, users can:

  • Communicate directly with the agency at all points in the process
  • Have your contact information pre-populated in future requests
  • Receive notification when the status of your request has changed

Additional ways that requestors can also submit FOIA requests are:  ​​

  • E-mail - census.efoia@census.gov​​ ​​(ATTN: FOIA/PA Office)​
  • E-Fax - (301)-763-4244​​
  • USPS Mail - U.S. Census Bureau
                          4600 Silver Hill Road
                          Washington D.C. 20233​​
                          ATTN: FOIA/PA Office
Page Last Revised - August 23, 2023
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