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Submit a Privacy Request

A Privacy Act request allows individuals to gain access to their own personal records (unless the requested records are exempted from disclosure), and to seek correction or amendment of federally maintained records that are inaccurate, incomplete or untimely. Privacy Act requests made to the Census Bureau allows individuals to gain access to records about "themselves" that are filed "in a system of records’’ that can only be retrieved by your name and at least one other personal identifier (Name, DOB, SSN, etc.).

You are required to provide some proof of identity before records will be disclosed. A completed and signed Certification of Identity form, BC-300 [PDF <1.0 MB] will meet this requirement.

Requestors can submit Privacy Act requests through FOIA.gov or FOIAXpress.gov. By utilizing FOIAXpress.gov, users can:

  • Communicate directly with the agency at all points in the process
  • Have your contact information pre-populated in future requests
  • Receive notification when the status of your request has changed

Other ways that requestors can also submit Privacy Act requests are:  ​​​

  • E-Fax - (301)-763-4244​​
  • USPS Mail - U.S. Census Bureau
                          4600 Silver Hill Road
                          Washington D.C. 20233​​
                          ATTN: FOIA/PA Office

**NOTE:  When sending your request, do not include your Social Security Number.

Page Last Revised - August 23, 2023
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