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George Grandy Jr., Regional Director

Atlanta Regional Office

101 Marietta Street, NW, Suite 3200
Atlanta, GA 30303-2700
(404) 730-3832 or 1-800-424-6974
FAX: (404) 730-3835
TDD: (404) 730-3963

States Served
  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina

Atlanta Regional Staff

Our staff is our most valuable asset. We are a dedicated, customer-focused group. If the information or assistance you need is not found in one of the categories of our home page, please call us at (404) 730-3832, main number or toll free at 1-800-424-6974. Our TDD number (404) 730-3963 is for the hearing impaired.

Title Name Phone
Regional Director George Grandy Jr. (404) 730-3832
Deputy Regional Director Peggy Howell-Jones (404) 730-3832
Assistant Regional Director Margaret B. Kelly (404) 730-3832
Coordinator Alisha Alford (404) 730-3832
Coordinator David Sinnott (404) 730-3832
Coordinator Dominic Koon (404) 730-3832
Coordinator Walter Tighe (404) 730-3832
Administrative Officer Daniel Glaze (404) 730-3832
Secretary Rhashana Torres (404) 730-3832

We also provide technical assistance to users of Census Bureau data, including help on Internet access to our Web site.

For any data requests or inquiries please contact the Information Services Program at

Partnership And Data Services (PDS)




Program Manager

David D. Ratliff

(404) 730-3832

Information Services Specialist

Gale D. Brock

(404) 730-3833

Information Services Specialist

Monica Dukes

(404) 730-3833

Information Services Assistant

Victoria Brooks

(404) 730-3833

Reference Center

Our reference center is open to the public from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, Eastern Standard Time. Please contact Atlanta Regional Office at 404-730-3832 to schedule an appointment.

  • Census Bureau publications
  • Tract and block maps

Directions To The Atlanta Regional Office

We are located on the corner of Spring Street and Marietta Street. Please note that Spring Street is a one-way street going north. Parking is available in our building from the Walton Street entrance.


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