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Known Issues and User Comments List

These issues and comments will be addressed in CBB 4.2, scheduled for release in May 2021.

Known Issues

  • Option to download data from report via PDF not working in Chrome or Firefox. User can download data via CSV or Excel.
  • Report sections are being displayed even when all of the data in the section are NA. The user can use the Customize Report tool to hide these NA sections, but these NA sections should be automatically hidden.
  • The label for the International Trade data in the Excel download file from the report says “U.S.” but should say “Trade”.
  • To change the industry selected on the Splash page in CBB: SBE on the map, the user must select the new industry, add it as a cluster, and then delete the originally selected industry (or return to the Splash page and reselect the industry).

User Comments

  • QCEW data was updated thru Q4 2020 but QWI data was only updated thru Q1 2020 (Q2 2020 is available now).
  • Metro level data was added for 3.4 just for the “Customers” and “Businesses (Annual)” data.  Metro level data for QCEW and QWI will be added in the next release.


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