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2003 State & Local Government Finance Historical Datasets and Tables

Statistics on revenue, expenditure, debt, and assets (cash and security holdings) for governments. For 2002-03 there are statistics available, in a national summary, by type of government, and by level - state, local, and state plus local aggregates. There are no state-by-state or state-area statistics available for 2002-03.

Preliminary state government finance data was released earlier this year and can be viewed here.

Data records by type-of-government for each item code (One amount and associated coefficient of variation per record) (file layout)

Data records by item code (with type-of-government summary amounts) (file layout)

Coefficients of Variation, expressed as a percent, for state and local and local- only governments (file layout)

Data records with government unit code, item code and amount for all records in the annual sample (file layout)

Basic identifier information for associated finance files (file layout)


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