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2010 Census Participation Rates

These are the 2010 Census Participation Rates, defined as the percentage of questionnaires mailed back by households that received them. The rates exclude households whose forms were returned by the U.S. Postal Service as 'undeliverable.' For households that did not receive or mail back a questionnaire in 2010, the Census Bureau followed up in person to obtain their data and make sure everyone was counted.

There are no data for those areas of the country that were enumerated by the Update Enumerate methodology in 2010. The Census Bureau used the Update Enumerate operation enumeration approach for about 1 percent of all addresses in the nation. This methodology was used in communities where housing units do not have traditional mailing addresses (for example, no house number or street name), and the geography is very remote or rural. This included places like resort areas with high concentrations of seasonally vacant housing units, selected American Indian reservations, and communities (such as colonias) along the Mexican-American border. For these areas, enumerators updated and verified the addresses for all housing units and then collected census data for the residents of each occupied unit, wherever possible, through a single visit to the address. In these areas, all households were interviewed in person, so there was no need to deliver or leave questionnaires to be completed and mailed back. Because there was no questionnaire delivery, nor any mailback opportunity in these areas, there are no mail participation rates to report here.

Page Last Revised - October 8, 2021
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