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Island Areas - Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Dataset

Demographic Profile Summary File

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Demographic Profile Summary File contains data on  population and housing subjects derived from questions on the 2010 Commonwealth of the Northern  Mariana Islands Census questionnaire. The population and housing subjects in this file are listed below.  Data are presented in 86 population tables and 35 housing tables. Selected medians and means also are  included. Each table is identified with a two-character prefix, based on the U.S. postal abbreviation for the  Island Area, followed by a sequential number.

Summary File

This summary file contains summary statistics specifically for year of entry. Data for year of entry are presented in two tables: Table PBG7-Nativity by Citizenship Status by Year of Entry and Table PBG9-Year of Entry for the Foreign-Born Population.

Cross Tabulations

The Detailed Cross Tabulations contain data compiled from the questions asked of all people and about every housing unit. It includes counts for total persons and total housing units. Other population and  housing subjects are listed below. Selected means and medians also are provided

Island Areas - Complete Technical Documentation

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